This heat seal machine is to be use for automotive battery that have been completed the through-the-partition intercell welding

process and have passed the inspection for quality. It seals cover and container of battery together

with heat melting method. Applicable to be use for 40Ah ~ 500Ah Battery


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*. Provide with mechanical clamp and vacuum suction.

*. Auto Servo motor adjustment with pre-heating system.

*. Suitable for all type of automotive batteries.

*. Max heating space dimension: 522(L) x 280(W) x 500(H) mm.

*. Min heating space dimension: 150(L) x 100(W) x 145(H) mm

*. If the pipe heater is out of order, alarm will sound.

*. Touch panel control system easy to setup and modify.

*. Auto changing tooling with rotating system; easy to change tooling saving time and increasing efficiency.

*. Temperature range : 0 – 600℃

*. Capacity: >70 Ah: 180 pcs/hour; < 70 Ah: 360 pcs/hour

*. If the air pressure is not enough, the machine will stop and alarm at the same time.

*. If the heater does not reach the desired temperature, the auto-start system will not operate and the alarm will sound
     (It can be started manually).

Air/Power Consumption:

Electricity: 17.24 KW, 1 or 3 phase, voltage & frequency to suit customer specification.

Compressed air consumption: 275 L/min at 6kg/cm2.

Machine Outlook:

Dimension: Approx. 2260(L) x 1797(W) x 1974(H) mm

Weight: Approx. 1462 kgs

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