This machine tests the battery for any leakage after the battery container and the battery cover are

sealed together. The test can be done by sucking or blowing air inside the battery container. After

leak testing, the machine makes the coding by printing the date/shift/serial number on the battery

cover. Applicable to be use for 40Ah ~ 500Ah Battery


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*. IU, Fukuda FL/DG digital leakage detector system.

*. Touch panel control system easy to setup and modify.

*. Designed to test individual cell leakage under customers’ request.

*. Blow or suck air according to customer’s setting parameter.

*. Make precise testing or normal testing according to customers setting.

*. State of the art guide rail design does not scratch the battery surface.

*. If the air pressure is not sufficient, the machine will stop and alarm at the same time.

*. The number of character of coding can be designed according to customers’ requirement.

*. Standard coding: 6 digit serial numbers (for punch code design).

*. Coding Engraver design option with adjustable size, font and description.

*. Production capacity: 140pcs~180pcs/hour at 12V

*. Quick adjustment mold design.

Air/Power Consumption

Electricity: 0.62 KW, 3 phase or 1 phase, voltage & frequency to suit customers’ specifications.

Compressed air consumption: 132.24nl/min at 6 kg/cm2.

Machine Outlook

Dimension: Approx. 3040 (L) x 1715 (W) x 1915 (H) mm

Weight: Approx. 1100 kgs.

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