The Machine is created to dry the wet pasted plates after the plates gone through the pasting process.

After finished the pasting process, the plates will be delivered into this machine for drying purpose. The machine feeder will pick up the plates from the conveyor from vertical hanger by using vacuum suction method and put the plates horizontally to the Flash Drying Oven Conveyor. The conveyor will deliver the pasted plates into the oven and in the end of the machine, the plates is ready to go for next process


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*. The oven uses a fully mechanical control system.

*. The speed of horizontal conveyor can be continuously varied and matched to the output of pasting machine.

*. The gas ratio regulator is used in the gas burner in order to keep the stability and balance of temperature inside the

*. The air flow and temperature of hot air circulating system are average

*. The surface drying capacity is about 150 plates (2.0 mm thickness) per minute at the temperature of 190ºC. (The
    drying capacity will depend on the adjustment of temperature and conveyor\\\'s speed according to the size and
    thickness of the plates. Also the drying capacity can be increased depending on your experience in operating the

*. The horizontal conveyors can be modified according to the customer\\\'s requirement.

*. The safety controlling system of gas burning is perfectly designed so as to achieve the goal of safety first.

*. The natural gas (methane) and LPG are available.

Air/ Power Consumption:

Electricity: 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer ’s specifications.

Operating Horsepower: Hot Air Circulating System – 15 HP

Vapor Exhaust Fan -1 HP x 2 sets

Horizontal Conveyor – 3 HP

Finished Product Collecting System – 0.5 HP

Burner Power : 200,000 Kcal/hour.

Machine Outlook:

Machine Dimension : Approx. 11,700 (W) x 1600 (D) x 2700 (H) mm

Machine Weight : Approx. 9000kgs

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