This machine is used for welding the positive and negative poles of motorcycle batteries.
The machine will weld the poles of batteries after completing heat sealing process delivered by conveyor, then place the battery automatically touching positive part to do terminal welding work. After time is up, the battery will down. If abnormal, this machine will auto-stop and alarm, qualified battery will be conveyed by conveyor to the next station 


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*.  Capacity: 300 ~ 360 batteries per hour.

*.  It is equipped with the system of auto-stop of no feeding and auto-start of re-feeding.

*.  When batteries deliver by conveyor will not occur rub against with guide plate to make poor appearance of the
     batteries or increase the wipe work.

*.  Touch screen control panel interface for easy and convenient operations.

Air/Power Consumption:

Electricity: 15.1KW, 1 or 3 phase, voltage and frequency to suit customer’s specifications.

Compressed air consumption9.52nl/min. at 6kg/cm2


Machine Outlook:

Approx. 1,365(L) ×977 (W) × 1,578(H) mm

Approx. 380 kgs