Motorcycle battery COS (COS-60AM(X))

Product description
An automated 6-station solution, from plate group insertion and alignment to lug processing, COS, lead scrap dumping and terminal alignment.

Machine operation
  • Plate group insertion and alignment: plate groups are loaded using a robot arm, inserted into the battery containers and aligned.
  • Lug preparation and cutting: the batteries will be automatically rotated and positioned. As a final preparation before inserting the plates, the machine will bend and cut the lugs so that top lugs are at the same level. The orientation of the negative lugs will be tested after bending, while positive lugs will be aligned before cutting.
  • COS: batteries are automatically fed to the COS machine, which includes the flux dipping station (excess flux will be removed by wiping) and oven, as well as 6 COS stations (pot included), where the cast-on-straps process will take place. Thermometers are used to keep the temperature stable, and the system will automatically shut down if overheating is detected. After cooling, the batteries will proceed to the next station, while the molds will be brushed to remove any remaining lead and return to the first station.
  • Plate group insertion: the battery containers are automatically positioned so that the plate groups can be pressed into them.
  • Cooling: a cooling tunnel of appropriate length is included with this equipment. A ventilation system will ensure continuous air blow from both sides, as well as from the center of the basket conveyor. The air will flow down and be exhausted from the bottom of the conveyor.
  • Lead scrap dumpin: lead waste will be removed before terminal alignment and reverse polarity test.
  • Terminal alignment: after discharging any remaining lead scrap, the terminals will be aligned and their height will be inspected.
  • Can be easily integrated with our fully auto. mold release agent application machine and assembly line.
Product features
  • Suitable for all types of motorcycle batteries.
  • Requires only one operator to insert plate group into container(can use robot arm for auto insertion) and one operator to check battery condition before COS.
  • Touchscreen HMI included.
  • Production capacity: 4-5 pcs/min.
  • Cassettes are used before COS only.
  • Only 7 sets of cassette are required.
Product specification
  Product specification
Dimensions approx. 21652 (W) × 2798 (D) × 1560 (H) mm