Fully auto. car battery acid filling machine

Product description
Liquid filling the before initial charge (12N26-N200 automotive batteries)
Product features
  • Automatic conveying and positioning
  • Adjustable speed (according to absorption capacity) and filling head height
  • Liquid filling hole: 12 tubes with 12 sets of acid filling valves
  • 12 individual timers, one for each acid tube
  • 2 sets of ARO brand V-25 diaphragm pumps, with noise reduction system
  • Accessories: 2 sets of adjustable filling devices
  • Acid volume tolerance: 2%-3%
  • SUS 316 and PVC main body structure; stainless steel motorized roller conveyor
  • The customer shall provide the storage tank, assembly pipe and assembly line.
  • Capacity: 9-10 s (small battery); 11-12 s (medium battery); 14-15 s (large battery)
Product specification
  Product specification
Air consumption 5 kg/cm2