Acid filling(copy)

BTS acid filling machines in a nutshell

After assembly, the batteries are ready for the so-called initial filling. This is a critical process that requires a great deal of precision, as well as robust, corrosion-resistant equipment that can withstand prolonged contact with the electrolyte.

Our acid filling machines are designed and built by a team of experienced engineers at our facilities in Taichung (Taiwan). We measure ourselves against the highest standards of durability, flexibility, and accuracy – those set by our customers.

BTS filling machines are made of materials like SUS-316 and advanced ceramics. Conveyors, valves, switches, and any other components that may come in touch with the acid solution are carefully chosen and thoroughly tested. The tooling has been optimized for quick changeover and adjustment, helping save valuable time.

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of acid filling solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs: from simple, semiauto. gravity filling machines to our most advanced, fully automated and servo-controlled vacuum fillers.

Whether it is for car or motorcycle, UPS or stationary batteries, our acid filling machines are capable of filling several batteries simultaneously, at once or cell-wise. Parameters such as vacuum pressure and filling time can be easily configured via a touchscreen HMI and saved as recipes for later use.

Each battery is weighed before and after filling to detect any deviations from the desired filling volume. As an option, individual cell flow meters can be used for more granular control. If any issues are detected, the affected batteries are sent to a dedicated rejection area.

BTS acid filling machines are entirely compatible with our Industry 4.0 feature package. Filling data can be synced to the factory’s servers in real-time, linked to each battery using a QR or Data Matrix code, and even accessed from a smartphone using our exclusive mobile apps.

Combined with our acid level check and leveling machines, BTS acid filling machines can be integrated in a complete finishing and formation line that will meet even the most demanding requirements.
Acid filling(copy)
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