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27 2021.07
Introducing the BTS Industry 4.0 feature package
The BTS Industry 4.0 feature package in a nutshell

For over 20 years, we have delivered some of the world’s fastest and most reliable lead-acid battery assembly lines. By reducing human intervention, our customers can save labor costs while significantly improving workplace safety and increasing productivity and efficiency.

But in an era of smart, connected devices, speed and automation are not enough. At BTS, we are committed to bringing the newest Industry 4.0 standards to the battery industry. Our optional feature package includes plenty of hardware and software improvements that can effectively turn your battery manufacturing operation into a smart factory.

A more capable PLC is used to take advantage of the possibilities offered by state-of-the-art sensors. Real-time feedback pours into the CPU from every inch of the line, offering a more precise picture and allowing to save troubleshooting time if problems arise.

The possibilities are endless:
Maintenance and QA-related procedures have never been easier:
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