Fully auto. motorcycle battery acid filling machine

Product description
This machine automatically conveys and positions the batteries and injects the electrolyte using a vacuum filling method.

Machine operation
Once the operator has placed the batteries on the conveyor and pushed the start button, the machine will automatically convey and position them. A high-precision, servo-controlled vacuum filling method is used, and the batteries are automatically weighed before and after filling.
Product features
  • User-friendly touchscreen control panel.
  • Easy operation and maintenance: only one operator required.
  • Servo-controlled HIBAR-type pump.
  • Capacity: 200-240 pcs/h
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 5 KW
Dimensions approx. 3530 (W) × 1573 (D) × 2000 (H) mm
Weight approx. 1400 kg