Car battery leveling and level check machine (BAC-30ACL)

Product description
Auto. acid level adjustment and acid level check.

Machine operation
The battery is automatically conveyed to the first station for the initial filling and leveling. After completion, it is sent to the second station, where any excess acid is removed. Finally, a level check is performed in the third and last station; both an upper and a lower acid level limit can be configured, so that any batteries above or below that limit are automatically rejected.
Product features
  • Touchscreen HMI.
  • Acid filling and pumping time can be set in the HMI.
  • Servo controlled level adjustment and level check.
  • A highly precise diaphragm pump is used for excess acid removal.
  • Only one operator required.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Cycle time: approx. 15-25 s/battery
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 2.25 KW
Dimensions approx. 2800 (W) × 2330 (D) × 2292 (H) mm
Weight approx. 3000 kg

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