Semiauto. small lead part casting machine (PCS-20H)

Product description
This machine casts the lead parts for motorcycle and automobile batteries using a hydraulic method. One lead tank or pot is necessary under the customer’s own arrangement.

Machine operation
The operator loads the required casting mold to the machine and switches the heating on; once the temperature has reached the desired value, the worker pours the melted lead into the casting mold. After melting, the lead solidifies and the mold can be opened to take out the solid lead parts manually.
Product features
  • Quick tooling changeover.
  • Exact, well finished products.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Mold design according to the customer’s samples or drawings.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 4 KW
Dimensions approx. 1300 (W) × 1350 (D) × 1900 (H) mm
Weight approx. 250 kg