Auto. car battery inter-cell welding machine

Product description
Completes the inter-cell connection weld.

Machine operation
The operator places the battery on the working table. After the battery has been positioned automatically, the electrodes move downwards to reach the welding position and execute the welding. Once the welding has been completed, the electrodes retract. If anomalies are detected, an alarm is triggered and unqualified batteries are sent to the rejection area, while qualified products are conveyed to the next station.
Product features
  • Compatible with all types of traditional and MF car batteries.
  • Can be used with both 1 × 6 and 3 × 2 type batteries.
  • Touchscreen control panel.
  • Accurate and quick adjustment.
  • Miyachi welding controller (a different brand can be used at the customer’s request).
  • Pneumatic (default) or hydraulic cylinder (if required).
  • Auto-stop and auto-start system.
  • State-of-the-art guide rail to avoid damage to the battery’s surface.
  • Capacity: 120-150 pcs/h
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 50 KVA
Air consumption 55 L/min (6 kg/cm2)
Dimensions approx. 2324 (W) × 2070 (D) × 2215 (H) mm
Weight approx. 900 kg