Auto. motorcycle battery shear test machine

Product description
Specially designed for welding condition inspection.

Machine operation
After the inter-cell welding, batteries are automatically conveyed to this machine and positioned. The shear test heads lower and check if there are any cold weld issues; once the test is finished, they retract automatically. If poor welding is detected, the machine triggers the alarm and automatically reject the affected batteries, while qualified batteries continue to the next working area.
Product features
  • Compatible with all types of conventional and MF motorcycle batteries
  • Touchscreen HMI
  • Quick tooling changeover
  • Testing and linear values can be adjusted
  • Torque force values can be set up
  • Auto-stop and auto-start system
  • Rejection station for unqualified batteries
  • Capacity: 180-220 pcs/h
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 0.6 KW
Air consumption 55 L/min (6 kg/cm2)
Dimensions approx. 1750 (W) × 1030 (D) × 1920 (H) mm
Weight approx. 800 kg