The missing piece for a fully automated COS

31 2021.10
BTS brings further automation to your COS
At BTS, we are constantly looking for new ways to help our customers become more productive and efficient, even more so during the COVID-19 pandemic. That is why we have developed innovative solutions such as our signature, servo-controlled inter-cell welding and acid filling machines or, more recently, the world's fastest motorcycle battery heat sealing machine.

The new BTS AMP-30AM mold release agent application machine delivers exactly that by automating one of the few remaining manual processes in the COS line.

While COS is, by definition, an automatic process, the application of the mold release agent is mostly done manually. Our machine takes care of repetitive tasks, like brushing the molds to remove any remaining lead debris, and automatically sprays the MRA without any human intervention.

Precise and stable thanks to a servo-controlled mold positioning system, it can be easily configured to repeat the application with the desired frequency.

Best of all, it is also compatible with other manufacturers' COS lines. Combined with our own BTS mold release agent for PbSn or PbCa alloys, which are water based and highly concentrated, it can significantly improve the straps' quality, while saving time and money.

The new BTS AMP-30AM COS mold release agent application machine
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