Gravity casting has never been this smooth

17 2023.05
New terminal surface treatment method
While it offers many advantages compared to pressure die casting, the reason that has so far kept many manufacturers from using gravity casting for producing terminals, straps and other small battery parts is the characteristically rogue finish. As one of the leading suppliers of gravity casting solutions for the lead-acid battery industry, we have asked our engineers to develop a surface treatment system that can be used directly after casting.

This new method is already available as an extra feature that can be integrated with our PCS-20AH fully auto. casting machine, as an additional station (not unlike the optional leak test station we have been offering for some time). It can achieve a smoothness almost on par with die casting products – for a fraction of the cost, and all while enjoying the robust casting quality that remains the main selling point of our gravity casting technology.

Our servo heat sealing system is fast
Get in touch with our sales department to ask for a quotation or samples of battery terminals that have been treated with this method.