A COVID-19 update from BTS

17 2020.07
Get ready for the post-pandemic future with BTS
The new BTS mobile app provides direct access to our machines' HMIIn the middle of the ongoing pandemic, we would like to send our thoughts to those of you whose lives have been affected in one way or another.

As a Taiwan-based company, BTS has been largely spared by the COVID-19 epidemic; our production capacity remains intact, and we are completing most orders according and even ahead of schedule. However, we are acutely aware of the difficulties some of our customers are facing, and are going to great lengths to accommodate their needs, offering them all the flexibility they need right now.

We are confident that our industry will emerge stronger from this situation. In fact, we are already noticing an increased interest in our products.

On the one hand, as more people come out of the lockdown, the need to maintain social distancing is driving them away from public transportation, resulting in a growing demand for car and motorcycle batteries. On the other hand, those still working from home depend on a stable internet connection, which in many countries requires a backup power source – typically a lead-acid battery.

If anything, the trends we had been predicting and working towards have been confirmed: after the crisis, reliability and automation will become more important than ever. Some of the advanced 4.0 industry features we have been offering for years, like remote access, may have seen like nice additions not so long ago; now they are essential.

Our yearlong emphasis on smart manufacturing and networking is paying off now that most technical assistance has to be done remotely. And this is just the beginning: in the coming months, our assembly lines will be the first to include 5G enabled components, providing our customers with unprecedented real-time insight.

The future of lead-acid battery manufacturing is about to begin, and now is the moment to get ready for it.