Vertical wrapping machine (BTS-WSV)

Product description
Pallet film wrapping using an automatic rotating table system.
Product features
  • Modular structure.
  • PLC and inverter control.
  • Manual or automatic operation.
  • Automatic height sensor.
  • Chain driven turntable
  • Easily adjustable turntable and up/down speed.
  • An electromagnetic brake regulates film length.
  • An optional pre-stretch system allows to increase efficiency.
  • Soft start and stop for enhanced product safety.
  • Designed for easy transport, without the need to dismantle the machine.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 1.2 W
Dimensions (WSV-1521) approx. 2623 (W) × 1500 (D) × 2410 (H) mm
Dimensions (WSV-1821) approx. 2623 (W) × 1800 (D) × 2410 (H) mm