Fully auto. PE separator enveloping machine (PE-20AC)

Product description
Wraps and seals the PE separator and stacks the already enveloped car battery plates.

Machine operation
The operator places a roll of PE separator in the feeder. After the settings are defined on a  touchscreen control panel according to the plate type, the machine can operate automatically, pulling the PE separator up to a preset length, cutting it and folding, sealing and counting each plate. Upon completion of one cycle, the finished enveloped plates will be automatically stacked and placed on the conveyor.
Product features
  • Easily adjustable (changeover requires just a few minutes).
  • Suitable for various types of car battery plates.
  • Workable range:
    • Plate length (lug excluded): 75-135 mm.
    • Plate width: 95-165 mm.
    • Plate thickness: 1-3 mm.
    • Separator cut length: adjustable from 150 to 300 mm.
    • Separator cut width: adjustable from 100 to 165 mm.
    • Separator roll: max. diameter: 1000 mm.
    • Core size: 180-250 mm (diameter).
  • Capacity: 75-90 enveloped plates per minute.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 1 KW
Dimensions approx. 5000 (W) × 1900 (D) × 1650 (H) mm
Weight approx. 1500 kg

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