Car battery high rate discharge test machine (BTCBC(N)1500A-S)

Product description
  • High-rate discharge test.
Product features
  • Real-time internal resistance and high rate discharge test.

  • Configurable discharge parameters.

  • Test data is automatically combined and stored, incl. OV, CV2, CV3 and ΔV values.

  • Test results can be easily exported for further processing.

  • Up to 50 individually configurable test programs.

  • Unqualified products are automatically rejected.

  • Mitsubishi PLC.

  • Touchscreen HMI.

  • Capacity: 180-240 pcs/min.

Product specification
  Product specification
Power source AC 3 Ø 415 V 50 Hz
Output current 1500 Ah

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