Reactive type vibration test (VS-5060M)

Product description
Lead acid battery vibration test system.
Product features
  • 15″ monitor display screen, easy to operate.
  • Shows vibration displacement, acceleration, frequency and testing time immediately.
  • Low horizontal motion and operating noise.
  • Suiting human engineering when users adjust vibrating amplitude.
  • With fixed frequency, sweep frequency and multi-random test function.
  • High capacity programming memory.
  • Operating manual and calibration report.
Product specification
  Product specification
Frequency range 5-100 Hz, 1 Hz/step
Frequency accuracy ± 0.1 Hz
Amplitude range 0-2.8 mm (p-p)
Acceleration range 0-11 G (peak)
Max. load 50 kg
Table size

500 × 600 mm

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