Other machines and components

There is much more to lead-acid battery manufacturing than plate making, assembly and finishing. Many complex processes are involved and every company has specific needs.

With decades of experience and contacts in the industry, BTS can provide a wide range of solutions for every stage of the battery manufacturing process. Whether it is battery parts and components, consumables like the COS mold release agent or automated packaging and palletizing systems — we are always up to the task.

We are also knowledgeable in the plastic injection field, offering comprehensive guidance, from designing the molds to setting up your injection machine.

If you are looking for a specialized supplier of polypropylene (PP) battery cases and covers, our Thailand-based sister company TUP is one of the leaders in the field, with over 30 years of experience working with every major battery maker.
Other machines and components
Plastic injecton mold
Semiauto. motorcycle battery top cover leak test machine
Semiauto. motorcycle battery post direction and cover leak test machine
Semiauto. motorcycle battery vent strip heat sealing machine
Auto. motorcycle battery coding machine
Fully auto. motorcycle battery aluminum foil sealing machine
Semiauto. ultrasonic welding machine
Ribbon saw machine
Pallet lifter table (scissor type)
Fully auto. car battery labeling machine
Vertical wrapping machine