Battery terminal direction and cover leak test machine (BPAT-20M)

Product description
Inspects the post direction and quality by performing an air leakage test. After inspection, it stamps a serial code on the lid.

Machine operation
The operator places the lid and pushes the "START" switch. The testing head will automatically lower, press tightly on the holes on the battery cover and start applying positive or negative pressure. The testing head will retract automatically after the test. If the battery has not passed the test, the machine will trigger the alarm so that the operator can remove the NG battery. A code will be stamped on the approved battery lids after inspection.
Product features
  • Touch panel control system.
  • Only one operator is required.
  • Pneumatic cylinder system for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  • It can test inter-cell leaking, perform precise or normal tests and suck or blow air according to the customer's needs.
  • If air pressure is insufficient, the machine will go into auto-stop and trigger the alarm.
  • Capacity: 2-3 pcs/min.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 3 KW
Air consumption 25.5 L/min (6 kg/cm2)
Dimensions approx. 730 (W) × 1100 (D) × 1900 (H) mm
Weight approx. 500 kg