Latest news from Battery Technology Source (BTS)

09 2023.02
Gravity casting: what is it and how to know if it is right for you?
Customers often ask what the difference is between the gravity method used in our lead parts casting machines and other casting techniques.
15 2022.11
New BTS car battery servo heat sealing machine
Our signature servo heat sealing technology, now also for car batteries!
26 2022.10
Next generation lug brushing and plate cutting
Especially designed for smaller and lighter motorcycle battery plates.
16 2022.09
BTS at ELBC 2024
After Lyon, we look forward to the next ELBC in Milan.
31 2022.08
BTS at the 20th ABC in Siem Reap
Visit us at booth 46, from September 5 to September 8 2023.
25 2022.07
BTS at Fenibat 2023
Visit us at booth 98, from October 15 to October 17 2023.
03 2022.06
Terminal casting and leak test, in one!
A one-stop solution for casting and testing car and motorcycle battery terminals.
05 2022.05
Fenibat 2022
Visit us at booth 73, from May 22 to May 24 2022.
22 2022.04
New main address and phone numbers
From now on, all BTS services will be under one roof.
24 2022.03
How can the battery industry benefit from 5G?
An insight into the future of battery manufacturing
15 2022.02
New BTS servo heat sealing machine
Increased speed, performance, and stability with our newest heat sealing machine.
13 2022.01
Our commitment to quality
Understanding the BTS 1+3 warranty