Testing equipment

For battery makers all over the world, detecting defective products before they reach the final customer is of the utmost importance.

Being based in Taiwan — a global electronics powerhouse — we have access to some of the most advanced and precise testing systems available anywhere in the world. Whether it is for in-line procedures (like the high-rate discharge and capacity tests) or for laboratory testing (low and high temperature boxes, vibration stands, etc.), BTS has the right solution — also for lithium-based batteries.
BTS testing equipment in a nutshell
Testing equipment
Lithium battery testing systems
Lithium battery testing
Portable short-circuit tester
Portable short circuit tester
End-of-line testing system for motorcycle and UPS batteries
Smart end-of-line testing system
Car battery HRD test machine
Car battery high rate discharge inspection machine
Motorcycle battery high rate discharge test machine
Motorcycle battery inspection machine
Battery capacity test machine
Battery capacity test
Reactive type vibration tester
Reactive vibration test
Vibration testing system
Vibration testing system
Low temperature box
Low temperature box