Our ways will meet again in Milan!

22 2024.01
BTS at ELBC 2024
Our stand at the Lyon ELBCIn the tradition of previous editions, it was announced at the gala dinner on the last night of this year's exhibition in Lyon, France, that the 2024 European Lead Acid Battery Conference would convene in Milan, Italy. In a way, this closes the circle and signals the complete return to normalcy after the pandemic: it was in Milan that we should have met in 2020, if it wasn't for Covid-19.
The next ELBC will take place from September 16 to September 19 2024 in Milan, Italy
For BTS, Lyon was the second time we got to see our customers in person this year, after Brazil's Fenibat. In both cases, we found a resilient and innovative industry, full of talented people that are committed to taking on the challenge of becoming a central part of the energy revolution. We met with more than 100 customers from over 20 countries — not just from Europe, but also from places as distant as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and South Africa.

We anticipate that many new projects will result from this exhibition, and already look forward to the next edition, which is scheduled to take place from September 16 to September 19 2024.

At a glance...
Booth No.: TBA
Date: 09.16-19.2024
Venue: MiCo Milan
Website: ila-lead.org

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