Ultrasonic welding machine (BU-10M)

Product description

The ultrasonic welding machine uses the frequency friction to produce instant heat. When this heat is strong enough for welding, the ultrasonic emitter will stop while the welded piece is solidified after melting to complete the process.

Operation process
After the required adjustment and pre-welding procedures, the selection switch is turned to “AUTO” mode so that the machine can proceed to automatically weld one piece at a time.

Product features
  • Solid construction and large size make this machine dependable and easy to operate
  • Innovative electric lift platform
  • Outstanding vibrator system with three-in-one micro-adjusting, piston and actuator control, making make it a snap to set up.
Product specification
  Product specification
Output power 2600 W
Frequency 15 Khz
Welding time control 0.01-9.9 s
Dimensions approx. 650 (W) × 415 (D) × 1180 (H) mm
Weight 110 kg