10-circuit battery charger (NT10CCD 300-3)

Product description
Suitable for use with formed or unformed battery plates.
Product features
  • 10″ touchscreen control panel.
  • The machine’s 10 charging units can be individually or simultaneously set up and activated using the touchscreen HMI.
  • The machine can simultaneously perform the same operation in all units or individual charge and discharge operations for each process.
  • Each step’s charge, discharge and hold functions, as well as the voltage and current value and working time (0-00 h 59 min) can be freely set up; it is also possible to set up the automatic operation variables.
  • 3 control functions are available for each step: voltage, current and time.
    Note: following charging functions can be set up: CC (constant current), FV (final voltage), LV (limited/constant voltage), HOLD (stationary settle down), V/T (dual time/voltage control).
  • This machine can store 56 groups of programs, each of them containing 20 segments (STEPS) that can be freely set up and executed in each cycle.
  • Equipped with a monitoring function that detects anomalies in each circuit’s DC output current; its upper and lower limits can be set up (0-1 A).
  • Power outage memory function.
  • Time, voltage, current, and AH are shown on the touchscreen display.
  • Accuracy: 10%.
  • Protective devices: (1) AC input side NFB switch; (2) high speed fuses; (3) automatic trip/correction in case of lack of power source input or reverse phase; (4) surge voltage absorption; (5) DI/DT; DV/DT; (6) soft start; (7) limited voltage and current.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power AC 3Ø 380V 50 Hz
Max. output voltage DC 300 v
Max. output current DC 0.5-3.00 A

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