Auto. motorcycle battery ICW and short circuit test machine (HV-50AMX)

Product description
This electric welder completes the inter-cell connection weld and short-circuit test.

Machine operation
After the COS and plate insertion, the battery is conveyed to the short circuit test station, automatically positioned and stopped. If short circuit is detected, the machine will alarm, and the battery will be rejected; qualified batteries are delivered to the inter-cell welding station. If the welding process works abnormally, unqualified batteries will be rejected. If the welding condition is qualified, the batteries undergo another short test before being delivered to the next station.
Product features
  • Suitable for use with all conventional and MF types of motorcycle batteries.
  • Easy to set up touch panel control system.
  • 5 sets of welding heads, 50 KVA transformer, 5 sets of made in Japan welding controllers (a different model can be used at the customer’s request), rejection station.
  • Easily and accurately adjustable for working with different battery types.
  • Easy to maintain pneumatic cylinder.
  • Auto-stop and auto-start (re-feeding) system.
  • Maximum output voltage: 50 KVA (adjustable).
  • Production capacity: 320-380 pcs/hour.
Product specification
  Product specification
Air consumption 40 L/min (6 kg/cm2)
Dimensions approx. 2500 (W) × 1295 (D) × 1900 (H) mm
Weight approx. 1800 kg

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