19th Asian Battery Conference

01 2021.11
Meet us during the 2021 exhibition season
Industry events such as the European Lead Battery Conference (ELBC), the Asian Battery Conference (ABC), Russia's Interbat or Brazil's Fenibat, have always provided a welcome chance to get to know our customers better. They offer an ideal environment for exchanging ideas with like-minded professionals and discussing future projects. Some of our signature technologies, like servo welding, were first unveiled at ABC, which BTS has never missed since its foundation.

Since the ABC and most other lead-acid battery exhibitions have gone online this year to keep everybody safe, we have expanded our online conferencing and remote assistance capabilities so that every customer can meet us at the time and place of their choice, wherever they are. Whether you would like to discuss an upcoming project, get to know our newest products or just find out more about BTS, our sales team is always available. Go to www.btscl.com/contactus and set up a meeting today!