Set up a virtual meeting today!

10 2020.09
Set up a virtual meeting today!
Our sales team during a virtual meetingThe 2020/2021 conference season is about to kick off with an unprecedented, fully virtual European Lead Acid Battery Conference and Exhibition.

Just like we have improved our remote assistance capabilities in order to help our customers during the pandemic, we are also encouraging all interested battery makers to take advantage of the possibilities offered by modern video conferencing software to meet up and discuss their ongoing and future projects with our team.

In this most unusual year, one thing hasn’t changed: our commitment to outstanding service and continuous innovation. In fact, we are doubling down, with lots of advanced new features and cutting-edge solutions we look forward to sharing with our customers.

Let us help you get ready for the post-pandemic recovery. Send us a product inquiry to request a quotation — or even better, set up a virtual meeting with our sales department.