Fully auto. 4-side frame brushing machine

Product description
Designed to brush the three sides of the battery plate frames after the slitting, cutting and lug brushing, which will improve the battery’s performance. Once the plates have been put in position, the machine will start (after pressing the button) automatically.

Machine operation
After the plates have been cut in the panel cutting machine, the side frame has to be brushed in order to get a better quality. This machine is able to brush 3 sides of the frame (all except the lug side).
Product features
  • A single operator for plate feeding and collecting.
  • Suitable for all types of motorcycle battery plate
  • Easy to adjust, operate and maintain
  • Capacity: 400-800 pcs/min
Product specification
  Product specification
Dimensions approx. 3116 (W) × 1010 (D) × 1740 (H) mm
Weight approx. 2300 kg