Auto. plate cutting and lug brushing machine (BPBS-90AMGS)

Product description
The automatic lead acid battery plate lug brush and slitting machine has been especially designed for motorcycle lead acid battery plate production. It is suitable for the plate cutting and brushing of both sides of the lug —one of the most important parts of the entire battery plate production process.

Machine operation
The operator feeds the plates to the machine, and an automatic suction system starts picks them up and takes them to the lug brushing area. The slitting blade will then cut off the lug hanger area (saw blades no. 1 & 2), slit the connecting area of the x-axis, and automatically change the slitting position (90°), so that the plate can be slit on the y-axis connecting area. After completion, the plates will be automatically stacked on the output conveyor so that the operator can manually collect the stacked plates.
Product features
  • High precision slitter blades.
  • State of the art, user-friendly vertical and horizontal adjustment system (fast and stable), allowing to reach a cutting speed up to 60-100 pcs/min.
  • Adjustable suction feeding system and slitter position.
  • All parts in contact with the battery plates are made of stainless steel.
  • Manual and automatic operation mode options.
  • The output conveyor can be connected to the 4-side frame brushing machine for further processing.
  • Lead dust collector designed according to the highest environmental protection standards.
  • Slitting system helps minimize the lead dust problem and extend the machine’s service life.
Product specification
  Product specification
Cutting size range 221 × 106-360 × 140 mm (adjustable)
Cutting speed 60-80 pcs/min
Cut width range 1.1-5.0 mm
Brush plate width range 8-20 mm
Cutter range 0-10 mm (adjustable)
Power consumption 8 KW