Inert gas oven (BIGO-10)

Product description
Designed to increase the efficiency of the dry charging process, especially for negative plates. More traditional methods, such as soaking acetic acid, are no longer necessary. It can reduce nonessential manpower.

Machine operation
The negative plates are taken out of the formation tank placed put on the drying machine’s stainless steel basket. The operator controls the electric crane, submerging the stand in water several times to clean the plates so that they approach neutrality, and then proceeds with the drying. After cleaning them, the electric crane places the basket in the drying chamber. It is suggested that the user provides an electric crane which can bear at least 3 tons.
Product features
  • PLC control and air compressor system.
  • High quality gas burner system for better safety, stability and efficiency.
  • Gas safety device (Honeywell or Yamatake) to control the burner and stabilize its performance.
  • Drying capacity: approx. 3000-5000 panels in 2.5-3 h.
  • The drying chamber can accommodate 4 trays of stainless steel baskets.
  • After drying, the water content will be less than 0.1%, and the lead oxidation (PbO) increase rate will be less than 1%.
  • BIGO-10 can also dry positive plates, keeping their temperature between 60 °C-80 °C.
  • Available in natural gas (methane) and LPG powered versions.
  • Hot water cooling system:
    • Hot water discarded by this machine must be cooled in a cooling tower before returning to the drying machine.
    • It is recommended to use a cooling tower with a capacity of at least 10 t/h.
    • It is recommended that the circulation volume of the tower be 20 t/h.
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 38 HP
Gas burning capacity 120,000 kcal/h
LPG consumption 7-8 kg/h
Dimensions (machine) approx. 3300 (W) × 2150 (D) × 2600 (H) mm
Dimensions (control box) approx. 1000 (W) × 400 (D) × 1700 (H) mm
Weight approx. 7000 kg

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