Auto. grid casting machine

Product description
Designed to produce high quality grids of lead-calcium or lead-antimony alloy.

Machine operation
The operator should fix the mold heater in advance, assemble the stationary mold onto the supporting stand, and fasten it. Once the movable mold has been placed on the stationary mold, the lead melting furnace, lead flowing valve, lead ladle and molds can be heated up to the preset temperature, at which point the mold can be tested, and the cutter (trim die) adjusted to the intended width, lead flow volume and traveling speed, allowing to switch to automatic operation.
Product features
  • Smart inverter
  • 24-hour preheating devices
  • Titanium made trim die
  • Ease of operation: quick tooling changeover; one worker can control two machines at the same time; easy to control by just feeding lead ingots during the manufacturing process.
  • Equipped with safety devices, i.e. it can’t be automatically started if there is insufficient air pressure; an alarm will sound if the elevator isn't positioned.
  • Cap.: approx. 8-16 panels/min
Product specification
  Product specification
Power consumption 1 HP
Dimensions approx. 3000 (W) × 900 (D) × 1500 (H) mm
Weight approx. 900 kg