Battery Technology News (January 2021)

13 2021.01
Battery Technology News (January 2021)
2020 reminded us that the world can still be an unpredictable place. But as more and more countries launch their vaccination campaigns and people go back to work, the economy is ready to grow again. For all we know, 2021 will probably be a challenging year. But it could also be a successful one for the battery industry, and some positive signs are already emerging — like a surge in car and motorcycle sales, as our CEO predicted in this interview.

At BTS, we believe that the key to that success will be in innovation and increased efficiency. We have spent the last months developing new technologies that will help our customers bring down their production costs and rejection rates, becoming more productive and resilient. Some of them, like Tata GY (India), Yuasa Battery (US) or Baterias Pioneiro (Brazil) are already using the cutting-edge equipment shown in our latest Battery Technology News video:

All the above machines were completed during the last three months. They include an automatic mold release agent applicator for the COS molds; our new double line heat-sealing machine, which can match the performance of two assembly lines in half the space; and a smart car battery finishing line with state-of-the-art solutions for acid filling, leveling and level check.

Don't forget to check out our September video as well, which features our newest, servo-controlled inter-cell welding machines. And, if you like what you see, contact us and request a quotation today.